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Teachers from across the United States working with students from all over the world!

Since the very beginning, the American School for the Deaf has pioneered the development of innovative solutions to help deaf and hard of hearing students succeed both in school and in life. Today we continue that pioneering tradition as we partner with educators around the globe with the first accessible online education platform designed specifically for deaf and hard of hearing students—Online Academy.
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The Online Academy supplements students’ existing educational placement or program. For some students, the Online Academy will provide added rigor and more varied course offerings than their current placement. For other students, the Online Academy will deliver extra tutoring support to succeed in their current coursework and IEP goals. For still other students, the program will offer social opportunities and exposure to peers and role models. Regardless of how it is utilized, the Online Academy is customized to each student’s individual needs.

Learn more about our Core Academics here.

We provide 1:1 tutoring to assist students in areas they need extra support or to work on IEP specific goals and objectives. We provide certified personnel to support other IEP related services as well. Speech Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Guidance Counseling, Group and Individual Counseling Supports are available to ensure your child’s academic, social and emotional needs are all met. Diagnostic services are also available.

Learn more about our Tutoring and Support services here.

The Online Academy recognizes the importance of social opportunities that enable students to engage with their peers. We also know that these experiences can also be meaningful and fun! We offer a variety of customizable enrichment programs and clubs that can be designed around students’ specific interests!

We are pleased to offer American Sign Language courses to meet a foreign language requirement for interested students. We currently offer three courses, which include both a live or hybrid model. Though the program follows the Online Academy calendar, asynchronous work can be provided during off times. Information about scheduling and pricing options is discussed individually with school districts or other partner programs.

Now Enrolling Middle / High School Students

Our program is open to deaf and hard of hearing students worldwide with courses, tutoring, support for IEP specific goals and enrichment offerings.
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